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Client Charter

LifeWorks’ Client Charter

Our Mission

To promote positive relationships.

LifeWorks serves the Victorian community by promoting positive relationships for the achievement of wellbeing and the fullness of life. LifeWorks reflects a compassionate concern for those experiencing relationship difficulties, isolation and hurt and celebrates the joy of positive relationships.

Our Commitment to You

LifeWorks is committed to:

  1. Providing you with high quality professional relationship services.
  2. Providing services to people regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, religion, culture, social or economic circumstances.
  3. Contributing to community wellbeing by providing preventive and early intervention programs and support services, which minimise the emotional, social and economic costs associated with disruption to relationships.
  4. Helping people to deal positively with significant life changes, to develop their potential and to optimise their quality of life.
  5. Creating an environment in which clients and staff are encouraged to learn and develop.

Our Values

LifeWorks’ staff and directors are committed to high quality, client-focused, professional service provision aimed at enabling children, young people and adults, in all their diversity, to develop and sustain safe, loving, supportive and nurturing relationships. Our values are:


We are committed to offering a sense of hope to those who come to our service. No matter what the circumstances for the individuals, children, partners and couples who come to LifeWorks, we will work to ensure that all clients experience the growing sense of hope that the future will be good for them, their families and the communities in which they live.


We recognise that as social beings, we are likely to require assistance with our relationships at different points in our lives. The development of respectful, meaningful and fulfilling relationships that optimise the quality of life are intrinsic to creating socially inclusive and empowered lives within families and communities.


LifeWorks celebrates diversity and seeks to serve all people regardless of their religious, social or cultural background or economic circumstances.


We recognise that seeking and giving assistance is a positive and healthy action and as such we will work to ensure our clients are always provided with ethical and professional support in an environment that affords them respect, privacy, and dignity.


Human growth and development are essential to the achievement of full human potential. We seek to work innovatively to secure positive and sustainable change that improves the lives of individuals and the communities in which we work.

Ethical Standards

LifeWorks’ recognises the essential dignity of each and every person and our practices are supported by the following ethical standards:

  1. LifeWorks’ services are to be used only for the good of the organisation and not for personal gain or profit by our staff or Board members.
  2. LifeWorks’ policy of confidentiality is paramount.
  3. All LifeWorks’ staff have a responsibility for preventing situations which may cause harm to themselves or others, by working safely and identifying risks to safety.
  4. No staff will engage in any sexual relationship with a client/s or former clients.
  5. Counselling will not be provided to members of LifeWorks’ staff, their partners or direct family members.


Your right to confidentiality in counselling and family dispute resolution is protected under the Family Law Act 1975. Confidentiality is limited, however, when a counsellor or a family dispute resolution practitioner suspects child abuse or reasonably believes there is a threat to a child, another person, property or public safety.

Privacy Statement

LifeWorks is committed to providing you with a quality service which includes ensuring that your privacy is maintained. We are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and the Health Records Act 2001 under which you are entitled to:

  1. know why your personal information is being collected and how it will be used;
  2. ask for access to your records, including your health information;
  3. take up opportunities to stop receiving direct marketing material;
  4. correct inaccurate information about you;
  5. know which organisations will be given your personal information;
  6. ensure organisations only use your information for purposes they have told you about;
  7. find out what information an organisation keeps about you and how they manage it.

LifeWorks is committed to providing you with excellent client service and welcomes positive feedback on the services we have provided you and any feedback on how we might do things better.

LifeWorks’ Complaint Policy

If you are not happy with any aspect of the services you have received please:

  1. speak directly to your counsellor, dispute resolution practitioner or program facilitator
  2. if you are still concerned phone our city office and ask to speak to the manager of the relevant service (i.e. counselling, dispute resolution or education) — (03) 8650 6200
  3. if you are still concerned that we have not listened we will direct you to:

The Business Manager of the Family Support Program

Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (Victorian State Office)
Telephone: 1300 653 227